Psychedelic Integration

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If you feel that your psychedelic experience has had a major impact on your life, or a particular area of your life, to the degree that you feel unable to function as you would like to, or you simply would like support in understanding it more, then perhaps one-to-one integration therapy is something worth considering.

Perhaps you are planning to go on a retreat or on having a psychedelic experience with a sitter? Your experience will be greatly enhanced if you have invested time in preparation. 

Psychedelic integration therapists like me should be professionally qualified psychotherapist and counsellors who have personal experience in supporting people who use psychedelics and ideally, they will have had some experience of using them at some point in their own lives.

As well as having experience of being supported good psychedelic integration therapists will be conversant with the effects a range of psychedelic substances/entheogens can have on both the human psyche (mind) and body (physiology) even if they have not used all of them personally.  

Please take a look at my other website that is dedicated to the integration of psychedelics here in the UK.


If you'd like to explore the idea of working together, please feel free to contact me using the contact form below. My commitment to you is to help understand what support you need and to support you where possible. If we agree that my services do not suit your needs, I will do my best to signpost you to other services. 

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