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Psychedelic integration therapists like myself, should be professionally qualified psychotherapist and counsellors who have personal experience in supporting people who use psychedelics  and, ideally, they will have had some experience of using them at some point in their own lives as well as experience of received support themselves.  Additionally, they will be conversant with the effects a range of psychedelic substances/entheogens can have on both the human psyche (mind) and body (physiology) even if they have not used all of them personally.  

The psychedelic experience is totally immersive, affecting each one of our senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch etc,) to variable degrees and intensity.  Classic psychedelics such as LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, DMT, Cannabis etc, are considered relatively safe physically and low risk for triggering mental health disorders.  However, the ingestion of any type of drug does carry with it 'potential' risks.  It is recommended that people thoroughly research the plant medicine or psychedelic substance they are planning to take.  It is also recommended that individuals invest time and energy into researching how, when and with whom they will be having their psychedelic experience.


If you  feel that your psychedelic experience has had a major impact on your life, or a particular area of your life, to a degree you feel unable to function as you would like to, then perhaps one-to-one integration therapy is something you might wish to consider. Also, if you are planning to go on a retreat or have a psychedelic experience with a sitter, your expereince wil be greatly enhanced if you have invested time in preparation.  Please take a look at my other website that is dedicated to the integration of psychedelics here in the UK. Psychedelic-Integration.UK


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